Map released on 26.3.2007 | Difficulty: Average

J2s_sandland is my first finished jump map. It's block map situated in desert. Before making this map I made some smaller, shorter jump maps, which are still in my Pc and never got published. When I finished map, I was very glad with the final result. But now, when I am looking on it, I see many failures.
Of course it is my first map, so I can't wait something perfect, but it could be better.
This map contains a lot of small shortcuts by the way.



Map released on 28.1.2008 | Difficulty: Average

My first kz-tagged map. It was pretty easy to make this map, it took me not too much time to insert the finish button on the top of map.
Anyway, it's good-looking block map situated somewhere in desert, with cool atmosphere and some nice jumps. Here I have to say, Solid made a great work for me, helping me with the environment, so the map is now looking really pretty and I am totally glad with the result.



Map released on 14.7.2010 | Difficulty: Average-Hard

This map presents a small western town, in which you have to use your climb and bhop skills. The parts of map are connected through back-streets, underground ways etc. The positive fact is, I didn't use any teleporter, that would teleport you to completely different part of the map.
I had lot of work with this map, I met lot of bugs and engine limits, so now I am very proud of it. Enjoy!



Map released on 12.8.2010 | Difficulty: Easy

Map made for kzsk mapping contest, 2010. It's a short speedmap, with theme of some valley/forest, but with some special cube textures. Colors of these cubes are presenting rock and grass textures. It took me only about 4 days to finish this, I really didn't focused on special environment effects, I just wanted to make map, which could be funny to jump. And I think, it is. Enjoy.



Map released on 24.12.2010 | Difficulty: Average-Hard

It's my Christmas present for every jumper. I started working on this map on 23rd december and right next day, on Christmas eve, december 24th it was released on kreedz Slovakia website. It's a shorter map, in snowy, windy and cold land, with some good environment stuff such as fog, or snow falling. I really tryed to focus on map environment and effects, I focused on good look of mountain and also on quality of the jumps. I think I can say it's good looking map and it's funny to jump and that's the main priority. Enjoy!



Map released on 24.12.2011 | Difficulty: Easy

Another year, another Christmas gift! And another quick-made map, this time you'll climb up around the big xmas tree, using your bhop and doubleduck skills. Mix of Christmas theme objects creates a funny environment and shorter route to the finish. Have fun jumping this. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!



Map released on 18.3.2012 | Difficulty: Average-Hard

11 mappers,
2 nationalities,
32 blocks
and one long journey to the finish ..
Kreedz Slovakia community project, a block map situated mostly in underground canals. This pretty long map is a common project of more slovak/czech mappers or jumpers and is released also on website. Have fun playing it.



Map released on 31.12.2012 | Difficulty: Easy

Hello there!
As the Christmas tradition says, I have for you my latest map called kzsk_xmas2012.
This time release of the map got bit delayed, but it is now here and ready for you to try!
So start you server, and get ready to beat this snowy block map. Thanks to ChiChiN, Hitlooser and marqueuz for providing me with the blocks, one each. So enjoy the map and good luck beating records on it. Happy New Year 2013.



TBA | Difficulty: Easy

Remember those oldschool peaks from the days back? Well, those gave me an idea - to create something similar, with that oldschool feeling in it. I think I've succeeded, I really like it. Jumps are pleasant and you can use your quick b-hop combos, as the map is relatively easy even for a pure beginner.